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Information Technology Solutions

With TUfiles (file service for employees), you can store your data on a central, highly available network drive (hosted on Windows servers + backup).

With TUhost (Virtual Server Hosting), we provide TU organisational units with a central, highly available virtualisation environment for operating virtual servers based on…

You can edit documents together with TUdocs in the TU Wien cloud or with MS Teams


You will receive all current information directly by email.

Service Center

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Hotline 01 588 01 42002
1040 Wien, Operngasse 11, EG
MON-FRI 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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System status

  • Working: Email for students
  • Working: upTUdate
  • Working: Internet access
  • Working: VPN
  • Working: WLAN
  • Working: TUphone
  • Working: TUfiles
  • Working: TUhost
  • Working: TUownCloud
  • Working: TUchat
  • Working: TUwiki
  • Working: Software distribution
  • Working: Ticket system
  • Working: Authentication service