The TUphone appointee of a structural element (an organisational unit) represents the contact person in all TUphone areas for Within their institute, they coordinate the TUphone requests of all employees, submit them to by means of inputs in a predefined Interface and advises or approves the requests made by the employees.

Who is the TUphone appointee of the structural element (organisational unit)?

In any case the head of a structural element (organisational unit) is a TUphone appointee. This person can delegate the role of the TUphone appointee to employees.

  •    Accounting
    • Set up and update the telephone charge accounts (for example, SAP cost centre or internal order via which billing should take place
    • View the monthly billing statistics of the organisational unit
    • Insight into the quarterly cost statement of the OE
  •   Administration of telephone numbers
    • Configuration / modification / deletion
    • Specify the feature scope of the extension (for example, softphone capability)
    • Call authorisation (internal, national, international)
    • Confirmation of cost-causing change requests of employees
    • Formation of pickup groups (announcement of working groups whose members can see the phone calls of other members on their own apparatus with a time delay and thus accept them.)
    • Requesting special configurations (eg boss / sec configuration)
  •   Assignment of a phone number
    •  The assignment of a telephone number to a person / function must be defined.
    •  The assignment of a telephone number to a charge account must be defined.
  •   Management of telephone sets
    •  Request or return of telephone sets
    •  Determination of the room and the desired junction box
    •  Request of analogue connections
  •   Regular checking of existing data for plausibility (eg display name, person assignment)

All employees of the TU can create online applications for the establishment or change of a mobile phone connection themselves.

However, before these applications are processed by employees, they must be approved (released) by the TUphone appointee of the corresponding organizational unit.

Each TUphone appointee has the opportunity to view all GSM telephone charge accounts for which he has been granted authorization. A TUphone appointee can request new accounts for his organizational unit.

A TUphone appointee can also apply for a SIM card for an employee.

Insight into existing and creation of new GSM telephone charge accounts:, opens an external URL in a new window