Switching access to Microsoft Office 365

On February 1, 2022 the changeover of access to Microsoft Office 365 will now be initiated.

The aim of the changeover is both to simplify registration and to clean up and merge the directory services where registration and usage information is stored. In addition, students will be included in the domain.

Student employees will therefore have two accounts in the future. On the one hand as a student and on the other as a staff member.

As of February 1, 2022 the sale of campus and student software products based on MS Online will be discontinued. Sales may remain suspended for a few days (until all tests have been completed). Furthermore, online licences will be separated from student staff licences (staff licence from student licence). Therefore, please note with which Microsoft account you log in after the changeover.


On February 1, 2022 from 1 p.m. it will NOT be possible to log in to your Microsoft online account for a few hours. Therefore, Office 365 logins (MS Teams, Office365 activations, Power BI, other Office 365 apps) may not be used during this period (logging in will still be possible for some time).

After the changeover, it will be possible to log in to all AD-controlled systems (Services and passwords table for employees | TU.it , opens in new window, Services and passwords table for students | TU.it, opens in new window)  including Microsoft Office 365 using the generic Email address as the user name.

For staff: Log in with upTUdate account and upTUdate password.

For students: Log in with a generic email address and network account password.

For student employees (dual role): Consider whether you log in as a student or as an employee.
Students: eMatrikelnummer@student.tuwien.ac.at and network account password; Staff members: Generic email address and upTUdate password.

The following work is carried out:

  • Students will be added to the local domain.
  • Student employees will have two separate accounts after the changeover.
  • Coupling of the local users with the corresponding cloud users.

Note: We request that you do not change any user data (password, Email, ...) during this time!


You will receive all current information directly by email.