This table provides an overview of the passwords to use for our most common services.

  • Please note that for some services an application must be made or authorisation obtained before use!
  • You can find the detailed service conditions on the respective homepage pages of the service.

The TUaccount password is initially set by the address manager. The upTUdate- and network passwords must then be set yourself.

User names

Generic address, opens an external URL in a new window: usually First (see link for details), e.g.

Short name (=upTUdate User name, opens an external URL in a new window): is generally made up of 8 characters from the first letter of the First name + Surname, e.g. MMusterm


Please consider which TUW affiliation (Student or employee - if both are possible for you) you want to log in with. A different username/password combination is required depending on this affiliation and you will only see the licenses corresponding to this affiliation in the TUshop!