Extension of the validity of the TUcard

The validity printed on the back of the TUcard can be extended by inserting the card into a TRW (ThermoReWrite) printer.  For this purpose, TUcard kiosks are available in several buildings of TU Wien.

TUcards for students are valid for one semester. They must be extended each semester after valid registration at one of the TUcard kiosks.

TUcards for TU staff are valid until the end of their employment, but for no longer than 1 year. If the employment contract is valid, an extension of one year at a TUcard kiosk is possible.

TUcard kiosks are located in the following TU buildings:

  • Two kiosks in the Aula Freihaus, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, ground floor, red area, next to the Internet room FH1
  • Two kiosks in the Aula Gußhausstraße 27-29, new EI, opposite the lifts
  • Two kiosks in the Aula Karlsplatz 13, to the right of the porter's lodge
  • Two kiosks in the Aula Plus-Energie tower, Getreidemarkt 9, opposite the porter's lodge
  • A kiosk in the Aula "Atominstitut", Stadionallee 2
  • A kiosk in the Aula Campus Science Center, Franz Grill Str. 9,
  • A kiosk in the Aula Favoritenstraße 9-11, to the right of the porter's lodge

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Please insert the card as indicated on the kiosk. Check after the card extension whether the validity of the card has been adjusted.

Only activated cards can be extended.

In case of questions and problems as well as malfunctions please contact the Service Center.