After setting up your account, the following services are available to you:

  • Exchange Online: Mailbox and email address
  • home.student: file service, home directory with 2 GB storage space
  • Internet rooms: PC workstations in various TU Wien buildings, home directory via home.student
  • TUwlan, TUvpn
  • Ticket system online portal

In order to access further information about your new student account and the services offered, it is best to use a workstation in the internet rooms right away. The devices are modern "diskless" PCs with audio connections. 

If the device is switched off, please switch it on by pressing the power button. After a short boot process, the login screen will appear. Here you log in with your network account.

For validation, please enter your StudentID (with leading "e") and the password of your network account. (If you have not changed it yet, it should be the same as your TUaccount).

As a rule, you will save your personal data on a removable medium (e.g. USB stick) or in your home directory. This is not located on the local PC, but is mounted as "drive P".

Therefore, please make sure that your disk quota of 2 GB is not exceeded.

If you want to end your session, simply select "Log off" or "Shut down" in the taskbar. All your settings will be lost, only the data on P: will be retained.