Getting Started

After setting up your account, you can use the following services:

  • mail.student: Mailbox and address, POP/IMAP, Webmail/Spam Filter, 2GB of storage space 
  • home.student: File service, home directory with 2 GB of storage space
  • Internet room: approx. 198 workstations (LIZ-PCs) in various buildings of the TU Wien, printing facilities, home directory via home.student 
  • WLAN (radio network), VPN
  • Ticketsystem-Online-Portal

To get more information about your new student account and the services offered, it is best to use a LIZ workstation in the internet rooms. Linux runs on these devices, but the operating system is similar to the standard interface and the applications used for the Windows system. The devices are modern "diskless" PCs with DVD drive, as well as USB and audio ports.

Should the device be turned off, please switch it on by pressing the power button (on some devices moving the mouse is enough). After a short boot process the login screen will appear, where the kiosk intranet mode and a short help menu are available.

For validation, please enter your student ID (with the leading "e") and the password of your student-server account. (If you have not yet changed it, it should be the same as your TUaccount).

If you have been successfully validated, in a short time you will find yourself on a graphic interface, the so-called desktop.
Like Windows, there is a taskbar and a start menu with applications for almost all the important application areas.

Usually, you can start surfing right away, but if you want to use the mail client, you'll need to set up your student account first (like you probably did at home on your personal notebook).

Usually, you will store your personal information on removable media (such as a USB stick) or in your home directory. This is not on the local PC, but in a separate directory called "LIZNG" in your home directory on the student server.

Therefore, please ensure that your disc quotas are never exceeded, otherwise the login process will fail, or it will be impossible to work error-free. provides a virtual printer that allows easy access (without USB stick) to the Mobile Print Service of the Graphic Centre. For more information please refer to print service GZ.

Please be considerate to other students during busy times (usually between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm) and leave the work space after about 20 minutes. Please also ensure that you do not leave any valuables unattended when you have to leave the workplace (even for a short time).

When you want to end your session, simply select "Logout" in the taskbar. If you accidentally turn off the device during a running session, or are forced to do so due to a system error, that should not be a problem. However, you may lose some information if you have just opened a file or mounted a medium in which you have not saved any changes.