Service description

You can realise new and innovative approaches together in dataLAB in the form of prototypes, proofs of concepts (PoC) or development environments; a powerful infrastructure based on Openstack, Ceph and Kubernetes is available to you for this purpose.  
Subsequently, new services can be developed from these approaches.

Currently, the following areas are supported at production level:

  • Jupyter Services, with a focus on teaching courses.
  • Deep Learning, based on hardware with powerful GPUs
  • Big Data applications (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, ...) dataLab, opens an external URL in a new window


  • focus on your research task
  • easy access
  • fast support
  • clustering of new acquisitions
  • introductory examples in the wiki and at the cluster
  • networking with other users

  • open platform
  • powerful hardware
    • several thousand CPU cores
    • over 15 TB of main memory
    • more than 1 PB storage capacity, 500 TB of it flash based
  • virtualization with Openstack

Information on order process, costs and billing only available after registration.

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Some information is currently only available in German.