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With TUfiles, we give you the opportunity to store data on a central and readily available network drive with backup (hosted on Windows servers). TUfiles is suitable for storing data with moderate access requirements, but high availability demands. TUfiles is not suitable for applications demanding high storage performance for a long period of time, such as high-performance databases, computer applications with high data access requirements and for storing local Microsoft Outlook PST files and backups.

  • You are relieved from the task of procuring and operating the physical hard­ware and administering the basic system.
  • Despite this, your address manager still has full control of allocating authorisations.

  • redundant and readily available network drive
  • you can personally administer access rights and authorisations in folders
  • useful for working with older file versions
  • with Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Linux and MacOS from SMB version 2.1
  • not intended for storing your backups

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