We provide support with TUfiles, TUownCloud and TUproCloud, the calendar and email service upTUdate, with mailing lists that you can create yourself, infoterminals and displays, the landline and mobile phone service TUphone and finally, our basic website creation in TU layout and webspace for institutes.

Email for students

Secure email for students.

Mailing Lists

Always well-informed!

TU Wien Research Data

TU Wien Research Data enables storing, sharing and publishing of digital objects, in particular research data.


Connected with each other!

TUfiles (file service for employees)

TUfiles - the network drive for your structure element (your organizational unit).


GitLab Service for the TU Wien.

TUownCloud (Sync and Share)

TUownCloud Sync and Share for all employees.TUdocs included!

TUphone landline network

TUphone - more than just making phone calls!

TUphone mobile phones

More than 900 SIM cards have already been activated in the TU Wien A1 network.

TUproCloud (Sync and Share for Projects)

TUproCloud - your cloud storage for projects.TUdocs included!


Survey tool for TU Wien


Use the TU TYPO3 instance environment prepared for you individually.


Design your website in TU layout or free - with or without WordPress.

upTUdate (email/calendar for staff)

Always upTUdate with the email and calendar service for all employees.