Service description

Online application for creating, editing, managing and distributing videos.  

Customers can use this application to upload, create or edit videos to provide them to their target audiences in different output formats.

Depending on the respective permissions, the system is used to create videos (Upload/Recording/Live Encoding), edit (Video Editor & Quiz Editor), organise (Chapters/Playlists) and distribute (Share/Embed/Stream) according to permissions.

Employees are allowed to upload videos according to the fair use principle. Role: TU Editor

Students have reading rights with their TUaccount. Role: TU Member

These standard permissions can be individually controlled and extended.

Furthermore, there is an authorisation role (TU Publisher) that also allows the creation of publicly accessible links (without login) and embeds via iFrame for which no login is required. This role is only assigned after verification of knowledge of copyright and media law conditions.

Information on order process, costs and billing only available after registration.

Service for:

Student, Staff

First Level Support:

Some information is currently only available in German.