Address managers manage the data of their institute (their structural element) in the address book, opens an external URL in a new window of the TU Wien (TISS).

You can:

  • Make changes to the structural element and related items in the address book,
  • assign additional functions to members of the institute
  • enter so-called "other employees" to your structural element
  • set up an upTUdate authorization group in TISS (can only be set up by an address manager):

Optionally, they can also be used for employees of your structural element (only with their permission, opt-out):

  • assign or reset the TUaccount passwords,
  • set mail options.

The address managers always use their personal TUaccount password to make changes. A separate address manager password does not exist.

Institute boards and other address managers can enter the additional function "address manager" in TISS.

It is also possible to nominate several people as address managers from one structural element, so that even in the absence of an address manager urgent changes (TUaccount password) can be carried out.

The address managers of a structure element are reachable under the email address
addressmanager+<number of structural element>

In order to be able to handle the rather sensitive "password" information more restrictively, all people in the address book have the option of deselecting the "set password” from the address manager option (in the personal business card change interface under "change TUaccount password") to prevent password and other permitted changes (eg mail options) being made by the address manager.

Employees who have activated their mobile phone signature (ID Austria) can reset their own forgotten password via the TU Portal, opens an external URL in a new window, otherwise this can only be done by personal appearance at the Service Centre!