Student account

Students who have chosen a TUaccount password in the course of their first admission to the TU Wien and who have applied for a TISS study programme, opens an external URL in a new window will automatically be set up a TUaccount (user name: <matriculation number>) with this password.

Please note that the correct login user name for your TUaccount is exclusively the 8-digit matriculation number WITHOUT leading letters!

If your login still does not work, you have to reset your password with the mobile signature (ID Austria) because the password specifications had to be technically adapted.

Choice of TUaccount password

  • All students of the TU Wien, who have an open degree and who are registered (confirmed) for the current semester. (Information on studying in Austria at
  • Students who are temporarily on leave from the university (presence or community service, ...) are eligible for the leave of absence.
  • Mobile students (Erasmus and other programs) are eligible for the duration of the admission.
  • Participants in university courses are eligible for the duration of the course.
  • Extraordinary students.

Students who do not continue to study without being on leave (that is, admission to study has expired).

If a student loses admission to study at the TU Wien (examination by the Study and Examinations Department of the TU Wien), permission to use the account will expire, in which case secure email accessibility, the validity of the account of is extended until the end of the period of grace, the next semester (in the winter semester until November 30th or in the summer semester until April 30th).

Information about the upcoming deletion of the account (with all data), will be sent by three emails (two months and one month before the final deletion) by to the corresponding account.

All students will be entered in the TISS. The TISS entry is retained until the account is deleted.

If you no longer need your account, you can delete it yourself, opens an external URL in a new window.