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VPN client upgrade: Windows 7 no longer supported

The VPN client Cisco AnyConnect required an update due to a critical security flaw. The new version is unfortunately no longer compatible with Windows 7.

The software recommended by for VPN connections to TU Wien is Cisco AnyConnect. A security flaw (CVE-2020-3556, opens an external URL in a new window) has been found in AnyConnect and fixed in version 4.10.00093. Due to information security and privacy concerns, the version supplied by the VPN server, version 4.9.04043, has been withdrawn and replaced with version 4.10.00093.

Version 4.10.00093 of Cisco AnyConnect is no longer compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 8; Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 are required. Since Windows versions 7 and 8 no longer receive any updates in general, not even security-critical updates, recommends an upgrade to a supported operating system as soon as possible.