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TUaccount-Authentication NEW

On Thursday, April 30, 2020, we will convert the central authentication infrastructure and TUaccount password management to a new HW/SW platform that meets current security standards.

This step mainly concerns the authentication portal as well as the web pages for changing the TUaccount password and is the first measure in the course of the renewal of our IDM (Identity Management) landscape.

What is relevant for you is that security is increased by separating the TUaccount password and the upTUdate password, because both passwords will be set separately in the future. Otherwise you as a customer will not notice any major difference in the application, except for some layout adjustments.

The changeover itself will be seamless for you, in the worst case there may be short interruptions. If you still experience problems with authentication after the conversion, please empty the browser cache or restart the browser or, if necessary, your computer before contacting our Service Center ( <>).

We would also like to point out that password changes and changes to the settings for two-factor authentication on April 30th will NOT be taken into account.