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Software Upgrade on Multiple Backbone Switch Routers

On Saturday, January 7th 2023 between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, the software of the core switch router SW-WARP-2 as well as the building switch routers for locations A, B, C, D, and O will be upgraded. Each location will encounter a total disruption of network communication for about fifteen minutes.

Update 3:45 pm: The upgrades have been completed successfully.

The update contains security, stability and status monitoring improvements; it also enables new functionality that will be necessary for Firewall as a Service.

During the update of the core switch router SW-WARP-2, the relevant tasks will be performed by the other core switch router, SW-WARP-1, and the devices connected to it; while there may be some impact to maximum bandwidth, all network services should remain operational.

The upgrade of the building switch routers is, unfortunately, not hitless; the switch routers for the following locations will be upgraded in turn:

  • SW-A-1: buildings AA-AI, AK, AP, AQ, AS, AT, EB, EC, FA-FC, HK
  • SW-B-1: buildings BA-BE, BG-BI, BK-BM, BZ
  • SW-C-1: buildings CA-CI
  • SW-D-1: buildings DA-DD, PF
  • SW-O-1: buildings OA-OD, OX-OZ, PA-PC

Each location will be affected by an outage of almost all network communication for approximately fifteen minutes; this includes the wired network, WiFi, TUphone, security cameras, and online access control terminals.