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New Features in Microsoft Teams

A major update brings a lot of news that will help with larger meetings and lectures

Microsoft has integrated user feedback in a new release from Microsoft Teams. The biggest change is based on the 'new meeting experience'. This behavior differs in that each meeting is opened in a new pop-out window and can be used in a self-contained way. New functions, among others, are:

  • View up to 49 videos simultaneously
  • Display of a lecture hall mode, where all participants are shown without a background in a virtual lecture hall.
  • Each meeting has its own meeting notes (= minutes)
  • In focus mode, presentations can be shown without distracting videos

Since these changes should not come as a surprise to the user, this mode must first be activated. To do this, open the settings and tick the option 'Activate new meeting experience' under 'General' and then restart the client. If this setting is not visible, it usually helps to log off and on again or to manually install the latest version of the client. These functionalities are currently only available on macOS and Windows desktop clients, web and mobile versions will follow.

Further information and usage tips for Microsoft Teams can be found in coLAB, opens an external URL in a new window.