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Microsoft Updates/Addons for Windows 10

Microsoft is changing the update strategy of some apps in Windows 10

Following the example of other manufacturers, Microsoft is changing the strategy for updates to some apps. Some programs that are part of the operating system are no longer developed within the operating system updates, but a replacement is offered via the associated store. The first test balloons for this are at Microsoft:

  • Remote Desktop
  • Shell (a combination of 'DOS' and Powershell)

The corresponding new apps have an expanded range of functions, but some are not fully compatible with the pre-installed versions. wants to make access to the new versions as easy as possible for all end customers. We, therefore, use the option to manage our own enterprise/education store, in which these selected apps can be found. To do this, you only need to add your TU Wien Microsoft Online account, opens an external URL in a new window as an additional school/business account within Windows 10 and a TU Wien tab appears in the normal Microsoft Store. We expand the offer as needed.