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Microsoft Office 365 login no longer with TUaccount password but with upTUdate password

On 25.10.2021, the transition of access to Microsoft Office 365 will be initiated. The aim of the changeover is both to simplify logon and to clean up and merge the directory services where logon and usage information is stored. Period of changeover: 25.10.2021 09:00am until 29.10.2021 5:00pm

In doing so, it will NOT be possible to log in to one's Microsoft online account for a few hours on 10/25/2021. Therefore, Office 365 logins (MS Teams, OneDrive, Office365 activations, Power BI, other Office 365 apps) may not be used during this period (for some time, logging in will still be possible). In the afternoon of 10/25, logging in will be possible again, but no longer with TUaccount password, but with upTUdate password.

The next 72 hours can be used without any problems, but no passwords or other data can be changed. In addition, Office 365 products for students and employees cannot be purchased during these 72 hours. From Friday afternoon on, everything should work again and the login will work with a generic email address and upTUdate password.

The following works are performed:

  • The UPN (User Principal Name) of all users in the local domain are matched to the Azure UPN.
  • The students are added to the local domain.
  • Pairing the local users with the associated cloud users


We ask you not to make any changes to the user data (password, e-mail, ...) during this time!