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Information about the failure of the upTUdate service 1-2.1.2020

From 1.1.2020 approx. 1h to 2.1. approx. 22:30 no e-mails could be received or sent with the upTUdate service to and from e-mail addresses external to upTUdate.

E-mails that were delivered from upTUdate directly to upTUdate could be received and sent without any restrictions. Access to mailboxes was also possible without restrictions.

The cause of the malfunction was an upstream gateway that performs encryption functions and cached but did not forward all e-mails during the malfunction.

As absence due to holidays and illness made fault analysis and communication more difficult, the fault could only be rectified by an employee on holiday on 2 January at around 22:30.

We regret the long breakdown of the upTUdate external mail connections, but would also like to point out that a disturbance of this magnitude has never occurred before since the introduction of the upTUdate service in 2012. Unfortunately, the disruption occurred at an inconvenient time, so that the analysis, communication and correction of the disruption took a disproportionately long time.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused and expect that the improvement measures taken will help to further increase the availability of the upTUdate service.