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Currently, activation of Microsoft Windows Desktop LTSC versions is not possible

Due to a licensing error, Microsoft Windows Desktop LTSC versions cannot be activated at this time. There are no restrictions on Windows Servers and Windows Desktop Education and Enterprise versions.

By using a new activation key on the KMS server, which also supports Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11, Windows Desktop LTSC versions (Windows 10 2015 LTSC, Windows 10 2016 LTSC, Windows 10 2019 LTSC, ...) cannot be activated at the moment. Windows Desktop (annual/semi-annual) Education and Enterprise versions are NOT affected by this. is in close contact with Microsoft Support to solve the licensing issue as soon as possible. 

Update 28.10.2021

Microsoft has recognized the error and is working on a fix. Unfortunately, a time estimate for the availability of a fix is not yet known.

For devices that meet the Windows 11 criteria, it is possible to upgrade from 2019 LTSC to Windows 11 Enterprise while retaining all programs and settings.

Update 11.11.2021

Since to date neither a solution nor a workaround for the problem could be presented by Microsoft, has decided to implement a workaround itself. This workaround is based on a 3rd temporary KMS, which is provided with the old key for the LTSC versions. By changing the activation script, the LTSC versions (until the solution from Microsoft) will be routed to the temporary KMS.

As soon as the workaround is implemented and tested, we will inform you accordingly.

Update 19.11.2021

To date, neither a solution nor a workaround has been found by Microsoft. Therefore, has now implemented the announced workaround and released it with immediate effect.

The activation problem can be solved by updating the activation script to at least version The update can be done within the activation script by using the link on the bottom left or by using the TUtoolbox.