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Completion of the transition of access to Microsoft Office 365

The conversion of access to Microsoft 365 was completed.

The changeover of access to Microsoft 365 has been successfully completed. See also Switching access to Microsoft Office 365.

For users (employees and students), this means that they can now log into Office 365 (e.g. Teams) as follows:

  • Employees: Log in with the generic email address and upTUdate password.
  • Students: Log in with generic email address and network account password.
  • Students Employees (dual role): Consider logging in as a student or as an employee.
    Students: eMatriculation and network account password.
    Employees: Generic email address and upTUdate password.

Important: In Office 365 (e.g. Teams) all users are now included in the directory, but for use each individual must obtain a license as before (campus software, student software). The purchase of the software license will be reactivated soon. This will be announced separately.