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14.03.2020: VPN Server Enhancement

On Saturday, 14th March 2020, the capacity of the VPN server of TU Wien will be increased. In some cases, this may lead to short interruptions of VPN connections.

Update 16 Mar 2020 09:20: On Saturday, we forgot to increase a setting which artificially limited the total number of simultaneous VPN connections. We have now increased it; if you experienced issues logging in before 09:20, please try again.

Update 17:20: The maintenance work has been completed. Should you experience problems with VPN, please send us an e-mail to We thank you for your patience and wish you an as-pleasant-as-possible home office experience in the coming weeks!

Update 13:00: Due to a software issue, the capacity increase cannot be completed without interruptions. During the maintenance window, all VPN connections will be interrupted repeatedly. Please accept our sincere apologies!

To support TU Wien's COVID-19-prompted changeover to remote work as well as possible, must increase the capacity of the VPN service. This requires an increase of the virtual machine resources as well as the installation of a new, recently purchased extended license.

Users connecting using Cisco's AnyConnect client should not experience any interruptions of their VPN connections. Users connecting using IKEv1/IPsec may be disconnected from the VPN server multiple times during the day; it should however always be possible to reconnect immediately.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this change and hope to offer you a faster VPN service, and thereby an improved home office experience, very soon!