Warning about the new Outlook app for Windows

If you try out the new Outlook - we are talking about the successor to Windows Mail and not the common Outlook app from O365 - you risk transferring your IMAP and SMTP access data to mail accounts and all mails to Microsoft servers.

The new Outlook app offers itself via the start menu in Windows as Outlook (new).

TU.it warns against using this app because it allows Microsoft to read your mails, see Heise article, opens an external URL in a new window.
Even if you are explicitly asked to switch, you should not do so!

TU.it has now taken two precautions to counteract a (careless) switch:

  • Change to the Office 365 policy
    This change will cause all users who have a "business or school account" (regardless of how they acquired it) to fail when switching to the new Outlook app.
    (You can see whether you have a "business or school account" by checking the Start menu / Settings / Accounts / "Access work, school or university accounts".
  • As a TUtoolbox user, please use the latest version.
    The TUtoolbox triggers the setting of a registry key that prevents the installation of the new Outlook app for the current user.(On computers with multiple accounts, this must be done separately for each account!)

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