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Our service provides you with a lightweight Ultrabook, Windows tablet or MacBook, basic software licences and integration into TUnet. A new device is only made available after four years, or if there are hardware problems. This service also includes all activities under the "System Maintenance for Workstations" service.

Let qualified experts procure, install, set-up and maintain your laptop, including the operating system.

The TUnoteBook service provides hardware and technical support for all employees of the TU Wien on the basis of the TUclientSupport contract.

Contains a lightweight Quality notebook or Windows tablet, all the services of TUclientSupport and the required software licenses.

If after 4 years of use of a TUnoteBook device the desire for a new device exists, the exchange can be ordered using the TUnoteBook Hardware Replacement, opens an external URL in a new window.

If the provision contract is cancelled, the computer must be returned at the end of the quarter.

Information on order process, costs and billing only available after registration.

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Some information is currently only available in German.

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