Server Housing

We offer to house organisational servers at four locations (Arsenal, Freihaus, Gußhausstraße and Getreidemarkt). The server rooms feature cooling in accordance with server room specifications, USP current with a stored energy time of at least 20 mins and access by TUcard. We provide you with standard TUnet (1 Gbit/s) connections for servers and WLAN for mobile devices. The organisational unit is responsible for hardware and software maintenance for the servers. A mobile console or monitor are provided for this purpose in the area where the servers are housed.

We relieve you from the task of operating your own server room.

  • Provision of empty racks
  • Advice on installing components
  • Regular current and USP current with a stored energy time of at least 20 mins
  • Cooling in accordance with server room specifications
  • Standard TUnet (1 Gbit/s) connections
  • WLAN
  • Access by TUcard

Information on order process, costs and billing only available after registration.

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