TUW-Websites and TUW hosted Websites

The website is hosted on a TU.it server and is either

  • connected to the central TUW-TYPO3 system or
  • implemented via the TUwebsiteHosting service with the profiles "TU Wien" or "TU Wien Custom".

You may refer to the imprint, the data protection information and the accessibility declaration of the TU Wien on your page.

The central TYPO3 instance and the WordPress pages in the "TU Wien" and "TU Wien Custom" (in preparation) profiles are technically DSGVO-compliant and barrier-free according to WCAG 2.1.

However, you as an editor must also make your contribution. The training course "Effective writing for web editors" is available for this purpose. The chapter on accessibility in the TYPO3 manual (this information also applies to the WordPress system) is also available as a source of information.
In addition, if you use other colours in the "TU Wien Custom" (in preparation) profile, you must make sure yourself that the page is still accessible.

  • The website is implemented in the service TUwebsiteHosting with the profile "Webspace".
  • The website is hosted on a TUhost or

Links to the imprint, data protection information and accessibility declaration of the TU Wien are not permitted.

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