The profile "TU Wien" complies with the legal and security requirements set by TU Wien. When using this profile, a reference to the imprint, the data protection information and the accessibility declaration of the TU Wien is permitted or specified. A WordPress manual, adapted to the profile "TU Wien" is provided for you at, opens an external URL in a new window.

  • Defined restrictions as TUW website
  • Fixed WordPress TU Wien theme
  • WordPress fixed pre-installed
  • Fixed basic set of plugins
  • Desired URL within the limits for hostnames and URLs
  • Start size: 2 GB, can be increased on request
  • Allocated for presentation websites of organizational units, projects, cooperations and conferences


  • Page-based creation of the website
  • Multilingualism in German and English
  • File management
  • Texts, images and videos on web pages
  • Accordions, download elements, quotes
  • Teasers, tables
  • DSGVO compliant Twitter feed
  • Plug-ins: news system, event calendar, generic forms

Editors are not granted HTML rights.

By selecting the "Webspace" profile, you are responsible for complying with legal requirements yourself and must provide your own imprint, your own data protection information and your own accessibility declaration. For the profile "Webspace" you can choose packages of different start sizes. WordPress can be added optionally.

  • TUW hosted website
  • Static pages or other CMS (Joomla, ...)
  • Desired URL within the limits for hostnames and URLs
  • Starting sizes/packages: small with 100 MByte, medium with 1 GByte and large with 5 GByte storage space. In all packages the use of up to 5 hostnames and 10 MySQL databases is possible.
  • Ensuring a DSGVO-compliant implementation as well as providing a data protection information, an imprint and a declaration of accessibility is the responsibility of the applicant. Solutions provides the technical infrastructure. You are responsible for the content and updating of the software and data.

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