E020-04 - Service Unit High Performance Computing

The Service Unit High Performance Computing supports teaching and research with a range of services:

  • TU.it, together with the VSC Research Centre, operates the systems of the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC). VSC is a cooperation of Austrian universities in the field of High Performance Computing; the resources of the VSC are open to all participating universities.
  • dataLAB is an infrastructure for innovative Big Data, Data Analysis, Deep Learning and related topics. The available products and applications are adapted and further developed together with the customers to the respective needs.
  • For computer aided engineering, a dedicated cluster system is operated with relevant (mostly commercial) applications.

Furthermore, we are available for general support, discussion and consulting in the wider HPC environment.

Hadi Aljaffan

External Staff

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Luis Eduardo Ferro Diez

External Staff

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Florian Jäger

Student Staff in Research/Administration

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Adam Charles Mc Cartney MA


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Marijana Petojevic

Student Staff in Research/Administration

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Dipl.-Ing. Moritz Siegel BSc


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