ACOnet Filesender

As a member of the TU you can circumvent the size limit for email transfer (50 MB with upTUdate) and make a large file (up to 100 GB) available to other people (including TU-Extern) or receive one from another person (including TU-Extern) by sending them a "Voucher" for uploading as a guest with the ACOnet File Sender Tool, opens an external URL in a new window.

The only requirement for the use of the application "FileSender" is that you have an active account of the Vienna University of Technology. Authentication is via SAML2 IdP, opens an external URL in a new window.)

Key data / restrictions for ACOnet file senders

  • The data is stored on a dedicated server of the UNI Vienna (ACOnet).
  • Any data stored is done so for a maximum of 5 days and then automatically deleted.
  • Maximum number of email recipients: 100 different email addresses (separated by a comma or semicolon)
  • Maximum number of files when uploading: 1 file (to upload multiple files at the same time, pack them first into a Zip archive)
  • Maximum upload file size: 100 GB (with HTML5)
  • Maximum expiration time for files and vouchers: 5 days