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Updates and changes to Microsoft Office

New versions are now available

New versions of Microsoft Office (LTSC and O365) are available on the SWD. If you have a computer that is maintained by, the updates will be installed automatically for you. For all others:

  • The axes plugin provided for Word to create accessible PDFs has been renewed and a plugin for PowerPoint has been added.
  • The installation program automatically installs the latest bug fixes that were delivered via the TUtoolbox.
  • The installation program uses the latest data and the current configuration from Microsoft (is usually done automatically in the background by the auto-update function).

If you have a working installation on your computer, it is sufficient to install the new axes plug-in and install the recommended bug fixes via the TUtoolbox. A complete reinstallation is not necessary, but can be carried out to simplify the application.

Please note that the Office LTSC version is no longer supported by Microsoft on current Mac hardware and current MacOS versions. We therefore only offer Office LTSC for Windows, macOS users can only use the O365 version. To switch to O365, you simply need to cancel/re-order the licenses in the TUshop and remove the LTSC key using the Microsoft tool linked on the product page. A new installation is not necessary.