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Changeover of the Adobe and Zoom connection

Zoom has been successfully converted, Adobe has been postponed to a later date


The TUshop will be the central element for ordering services. The campus software is already available via the TUshop, and all other orderable services will follow in the course of the year. To this end, the parts that are not visible to end customers must also be migrated to the TUshop step by step. The next planned step is the user and license management of Adobe and Zoom.

In general, the licenses of employees and students will be unbundled with all upcoming changes. It will therefore be important which software you order (student software or campus software) and with which role (employee or student) you authenticate.


The API change was carried out on January 10, 2024 from 12 noon. For you as an end customer, there may be interruptions to the login function until the end of the maintenance window. This means that you may not be able to log in to Adobe and Zoom products during the maintenance period. Existing logins should not be affected. Furthermore, you will not be able to make any changes (order/cancel) to Adobe and Zoom products during the maintenance window.


The migration of Adobe has been postponed to a later date, as open issues were discovered during the checks prior to the migration. We will inform you in due time about another maintenance window.

Zoom has been switched to SCIM, and authentication at login is now carried out via the AAD SSO. This means that employees use the upTUdate login data, students use the network account (as with e-mail). If you are a student employee, please note that you log in with the role in which you have also ordered Zoom (student software login with username, campus software