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TUownCloud with new storage

Improvement of the TUownCloud service by doubling the storage space, as well as higher availability and performance

On 19.05.2023, the storage on which the data of the TUownCloud service is stored was migrated from "Red Hat Gluster Storage" to a Ceph-based storage.

The migration results in the following advantages for the users:

  • Doubling of the available storage space
  • Better performance
  • Higher availability
  • Preparation for backup of user data

The bin function in TUownCloud already provided an easy way to recover deleted data. The deleted data is kept for at least 15 days, and up to 30 days if there is enough free storage space.

The migration steps were planned, implemented and tested as part of a strategic project with the overall aim of optimising the disaster recovery capability of the TUownCloud service.