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TUnet backbone hardware replacement on Science Center campus

Due to a hardware issue, one of the two chassis of the Science Center backbone router will be replaced during a maintenance window on Monday November 23, 2020 between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm. Thanks to an extensive redundancy setup, there should be no service interruptions.

Update 4:30 pm: The hardware has been replaced successfully within the maintenance window.

The hardware issue has an impact the connection between the two chassis. Neither the connections to the backbone core nor the connections to the access switches (which are used to connect end devices) are affected, which means that the issue should not have had any noticeable effect.

There is no need for config changes on your system. If you suspect a problem after our maintenance work has been completed, please check the network settings of your system or contact the IT contact person at your institute first. Also check the TUnet status, opens an external URL in a new window and currently listed messages on the homepage, opens an external URL in a new window. Should this neither solve nor explain the issue, send an email to or contact us at 58801-42002.