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Interruption Single Sign On Service TUW

Unfortunately, at this time there is an issue with the SSO login system for the TU.

All applications that use our IDP  (e.g. TISS, TUWEL, TU-Website, SAP) for authentication are affected.

upTUdate, e-mail for students, VPN, WLAN, TUphone, TUfiles, TUhost are NOT affected!

Some software distribution products are affected.

Update 09:45 am:

We have found a workaround that allows authentication via the SSO portal.
However, please note that this is the date from the day before yesterday.
That means changes made yesterday are not included.

And password change is not possible at this time either.

We are continuing to work on the fix and will provide you with the latest news.

Update 5:30 pm
Our IDP team has identified the disruption today as a hidden application problem.
However, to ensure that no active sessions are lost, we will not switch back to the primary system until tonight.

We ask for your understanding!