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SPSS Statistics 26

SPSS Statistics 26 for Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10, Macintosh is now available to all students of the Vienna University of Technology.

The purchase of the software is exclusively online (fee: 8,20 Euro) with subsequent download (ZIP archive, 567 - 663 MB).

For licensing reasons, this student software can only be acquired by students of the Vienna University of Technology.

The product is protected by an individual authorization code, which must be retrieved using TU password. Furthermore, as part of the activation, a machine-related license code must be requested from the manufacturer, which can only be renewed once within its validity period (for example after hardware conversions). All information required for installation is included in the download area of ​​the product.

This software version is available for 1 year (from reference).

Although the medium contains the product for multiple platforms, the license terms permit installation on only one platform per license.

Information about the student software offering, licensing terms, current product versions, and fees are available at Student Software on the Information Technology Solutions Web site.

The general terms and conditions regarding student software services apply.