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Software Upgrade on Core Switch Router 1

On Saturday, December 10th 2022 between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm, the software of the core switch router SW-WARP-1 will be upgraded. This should not impact network traffic.

Update 12:45 pm: The upgrade has been completed successfully!

The update contains security, stability and status monitoring improvements; it also enables new functionality that will be necessary for Firewall as a Service. During the update process, the relevant tasks will be performed by the other core switch router, SW-WARP-2, and the devices connected to it.

At a later date, the other devices in the TU Wien backbone will be updated as well; these are the other core switch router (SW-WARP-2) and the building switch routers. An exception is SW-H-1, the building switch router for Favoritenstraße, where the new version has already been running for the past few months.