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Software updates of the switches

In the course of bug fixes and security updates, the software must be updated by network switches in various departments of the TU Vienna.

For this update the switches must be restarted, resulting in a failure of the network infrastructure in the period of normally about 5 - 15 minutes This restart will take place on Thursday, 06.02.2020 in the period from 06:00 to 07:30, from 07:30 all connections should work properly again.

The following areas are particularly affected

  • Freihaus
  • Operngasse / Treitlstraße
  • TU-Bibliothek
  • Getreidemarkt
  • Arsenal
  • Alte WU
  • Gusshausstraße

whereby individual switches in other buildings may also be affected.

For the duration of the outage, no connection to the network is possible, all telephones connected there are without power supply and the WLAN supply is not available.

Devices installed in server rooms (with the exception of the Alte WU site) are not affected by this restart. Servers, NAS, firewalls or similar devices located in office rooms may lose the network connection.

Please direct any queries in this regard exclusively to