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Short-term restart of the network infrastructure for the area DB09 + DB10

Due to an error in the firmware of the switches for the area DB09 and DB10 (Freihaus) today (15.04.2019) against approximately 17:30 to be restarted at short notice.

The reboot will result in a loss of approximately 5 to 10 minutes of the entire network infrastructure, including Wi-Fi and telephony. Individual ports may experience a second, brief break in preparation for the reboot and the included firmware update.
Due to a possible instability caused by this error, this action must be taken at short notice.

We ask for your understanding. For further questions please contact

Update 18:20: The switches have been restarted a little later than scheduled restarted at 17:55 and are back online since 18:00. At the moment, everything should be running normally again.