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Redundancy tests and updates in the VPN service

On 27.02.2019 there are several interruptions in the TU-VPN service during the day

--- Update 27.02.2019 16: 00h ---

The problems have been resolved and the maintenance is now complete, the service is again as usual fully redundant available.

--- Update 27.02.2019 14: 30h ---

In the redundancy tests, a possible cause was detected, so we have now switched back. The service is available again. But after configuration changes between 15: 00h and 16: 00h we will carry out new redundancy tests. We ask for your understanding

--- Update 27.02.2019 12: 00h ---

The updates have been made and the service is available with new AnyConnect versions. The interruption of the VPN or Webvpn service took about 3 minutes each. In the afternoon, the announced redundancy tests, which can lead to repeated interruptions with an indefinite duration.

On 21.01.2019 there were unexpected disruptions in the TU-VPN service, for this reason, redundancy tests are performed. In addition, software updates are also carried out.
When and how long the respective interruptions will last is unfortunately unpredictable.
Affected are the services VPN and WebVPN. We ask for your understanding.