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Problem with attachments in OWA

The current security update for Microsoft Exchange Server - required to ensure operational and IT security - unfortunately means that message attachments cannot be opened or saved in the webmail interface. The browser displays the error message "An unexpected error occurred and your request couldn't be handled."

The problem is not specific to TU Wien and is known to Microsoft, but has not yet been resolved by the software provider. See, opens an external URL in a new window. As a "workaround", Microsoft suggests: "To work around this issue, use the Outlook desktop app to access emails and download attachments. The Outlook desktop app is not affected by this issue."

Update: Workaround found for the problem with attachments in webmail: Activate the light version!
OWA -> Options -> General -> Light version -> Use Outlook Light -> Sign out and sign in again

Furthermore, the problem described does not occur in IMAP clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird either. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict how long it will take Microsoft to find a solution. We ask for your understanding.