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onedrive storage limit 100GB

For some employees, the storage limit is 100GB

For unknown reasons, the onedrive storage limit is currently limited to 100GB for some employees, although the system standard is still 5TB. For people who exceed the storage limit, data can only be read but not written.

We are in contact with the manufacturer and are endeavoring to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Update from 24.05.2024

According to Microsoft, the 100GB storage limit affects all free A1 licenses (Microsoft Teams in the TUshop) and is a planned license change. We will negotiate this change with our license contact, but this may take some time and overlaps with the extension of the Microsoft framework agreement. 

At present, the problem can therefore only be solved by switching from the free A1 license (Microsoft Teams) to the paid O365 A3 license. The change will restore the known data limits.

Update from 29.05.2024

The storage limit changes are also accompanied by changes to the A1 licenses. The limit therefore remains at 100 GB. In general, A1 licenses are now only intended for guests and short-term use; permanent staff must upgrade to A3 licenses. These license changes will be communicated separately.