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New product axesPDF to support the creation of accessible PDFs

In cooperation with the Teaching Support Center and HR Development, a package of measures was put together with the aim of creating accessible PDFs at the TU Wien. On one hand, this fulfills the legal foundations (which are now increasingly being requested by ministries), and on the other hand, everyone can use the information. The coLAB space Accessibility Good Practice, opens an external URL in a new window was founded as a contact point, which is now being filled with information step by step.

Axes, opens an external URL in a new window is the market leader in Europe for software for creating and improving PDFs with regard to accessibility. now offers both programs:

  • axesPDF for Word is supplied free of charge with an existing Microsoft Office Campussoftware license. With this Microsoft Word plugin, Word documents can be exported to accessible PDFs. Details on the product page and in the readme on the SWD.
  • axesPDF Quickfix is supplied free of charge with all PDF programs of the Campussoftware. With this program, existing PDFs can be made accessible. Details on the product pages and in the readmes at the SWD.