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New measure against SPAM and phishing emails: Block suspicious upTUdate accounts

In order to increase security by restricting SPAM and phishing emails at the Vienna University of Technology, we are now using automated methods to react quickly to possible attacks.

Within the log analysis, upTUdate accounts classified as suspicious are automatically blocked promptly. Unfortunately, because these mechanisms need to react quickly, we can not inform you directly about the suspension.

Therefore, if you suspect that your own upTUdate account is suspended, you can do so at, opens an external URL in a new window.

In this case, please contact our service center by phone (or via another e-mail address).

Please understand this measure. It serves to preserve the safety-related reputation of the entire TU and thus to all of us.

In this context, we point out that e-mails sent to many recipients (for example, for invitations to events) should not be made via the personal e-mail account. Mail distributors are much better suited for this purpose with TISS and upTUdate or TISS transmissions.