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New version 8.2 of em-client simplifies the handling of teleconferences (Teams and Zoom)

The known calendar problem (with onprem and online Exchange) with Teams can be bypassed with the new em-client version 8.2.

Currently there are known limitations in handling calendar entries and receiving emails via the online Exchange server. The reason is that currently the online Exchange and onprem Exchange systems are completely separated. Therefore, when you connect to upTUdate, you will only see the emails and calendar entries of the onprem Exchange server. Some online apps like Teams, however, automatically use the online Exchange Server, so that the following phenomena occur:

  • The calendar in Teams shows completely different data than Outlook
  • Invitations from Teams, cannot be viewed in Outlook
  • Invitations in Outlook with the Teams plugin are not displayed in the Teams Calendar
  • Some email notifications from online apps are not received is working on technical and strategic solutions to harmonize the online and onprem servers, but these cannot be implemented in the short term.

A workaround to these restrictions has now been made possible by version 8.2 of em-client (available free of charge in the student, opens an external URL in a new window and campus , opens an external URL in a new windowsoftware). By using em-client as an email/calendar app, the following problems can be solved:

  • After setting the Teams and Zoom settings in em-client (Settings ⇝ Videoconferences), online meetings can be created directly in the em-client calendar, which will be entered correctly in all calendars.
  • By additional connection of the Online-Exchange account, emails and calendar entries of the Online-Exchange server can also be read. To do this, add the account under Accounts ⇝ New account ⇝ Sending emails via the online Exchange Server is currently not allowed.

As soon as there are solutions for Outlook and other apps, we will inform you.