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Migration of Firewall for Network Services

As part of the High Performance Firewall project, the firewall “grisu”, relevant for network services, will be migrated into the new firewall infrastructure, which is also used for “Firewall as a Service”. Unfortunately, this is not possible without short service interruptions.

Update Monday 6:00 pm: The modifications to improve redundancy of DHCP and RADIUS have been implemented successfully.

Update Tuesday 8:00 pm: The management subnets have been successfully migrated to the new firewall.

Update Thursday 7:15 pm: The subnet for central network services has been successfully migrated to the new firewall. The maintenance work is now complete.

On Tuesday 17th October 2023 between 3:00 and 5:00 pm, issues might occur when accessing monitoring systems and management interfaces of network hardware (including SSH, TACACS and TFTP).

On Thursday 19th October 2023 between 3:00 and 5:00 pm, interruptions of IP address assignment in TUwlan (TU Wi-Fi networks; DHCP) as well as TUwlan, TUvpn and eduroam authentication (RADIUS) may occur. To limit possible issues, we will proactively improve redundancy of these services; in the best-case scenario, users will not experience any issues despite this maintenance work.

No changes need to be performed on your end devices. If you suspect an issue after the maintenance work has been completed and it isn't mentioned on the homepage, please verify that the network settings of your system are correct or consult the IT technician of your organizational unit. If the issue persists, send us an e-mail at or contact us at 58801 42002.