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Microsoft O365 is available now

Microsoft O365 can now be used as an alternative to the traditional versions (LTSC)

After a longer test period, now also offers the O365 variants in parallel to the traditional Office variants (for differentiation these are called LTSC). These two variants do not differ in terms of data protection and cloud usage (with the same function usage), only the O365 variants receive new functions every month and semi-annual activation is no longer required; for this you log in with your generic email address and the upTUdate password.

You can of course continue to use your LTSC version, but you can also decide to switch to the O365 variant. Below is an overview to compare the variants:

  • New features
    • LTSC: Only with new installation
    • O365: Every month automatically
  • Activation
    • LTSC: Max every 180 days manually
    • O365: Automatically with login
  • Security updates
    • LTSC: Automatically monthly until EOL
    • O365: Automatically monthly
  • Collaboration via Microsoft Online
    • LTSC: Starting with LTSC 2016 with limited functions
    • O365: Always in the latest version
  • Range of features
    • LTSC: Per version unchanged
    • O365: Expanded monthly, some features are exclusive to O365

If you want to switch to O365, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Order the new O365 product on the campus software page. Please note that the usage is only possible after the approval.
  2. After approval, you can install O365 on your computer. This will automatically uninstall any old versions, keeping the settings intact.
  3. Finally cancel the LTSC variant in the Selfservice area

Please note that LTSC versions will reach their End-Of-Life (EOL) after a few years and will then no longer be supported by Microsoft and provided with appropriate security updates. Office 2010 has already reached its EOL, Office 2013 will reach EOL next year.