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Internet Explorer 11 is no longer a current browser

Also Microsoft supports Internet Explorer 11 only partially

Internet Explorer has been the Windows-integrated browser for many years. Internet Explorer was first replaced by Edge and now Edge Chromium. Microsoft supports Internet Explorer 11 with security updates as long as the corresponding operating system is supported. However, technical innovations are no longer integrated. Therefore the number of web pages or web applications that can no longer be displayed correctly increases (even Microsoft's cloud services no longer support Internet Explorer 11!)

Microsoft takes this into account and starts with the November release of Edge Chromium a list of known incompatible web pages. If you visit a listed page, you will be actively redirected from Internet Explorer to Edge.

Please note that after installing Edge Chromium Internet Explorer 11 is no longer available. If you still have pages that require Internet Explorer, you can activate the compatibility mode, opens an external URL in a new window for these pages.