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Information on the TUchat service

The TUchat service is being put on new feet.

The TUchat service, based on the open source software Rocket.Chat, is getting on in years and is subject to some limitations.
For this reason, will overhaul this service in the next few months and switch to the modern Matrix protocol (also opensource).
We are also working on seamlessly taking over existing groups and messages. In addition, other functions such as push notifications will then be available. This service will continue to run securely on the TU Vienna servers.
However, until the switchover, it is possible that the previous Rocket.Chat client programmes may experience problems. Therefore, we recommend deactivating automatic updates for the Rocket.Chat clients.
If you are already noticing problems with your client or if you receive any hints, our FAQ, opens an external URL in a new window will be happy to help you.
As an alternative to the Rocket.Chat app, we recommend using the fairchat app.
You can download this for mobile devices in both the Google and Apple Store.
Thank you for your understanding and patience during this optimisation phase!