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Major updates of some campus software products

Microsoft Windows and Adobe CC are rolling out the new major versions

The Windows 10 Update 20H2 (October) is now being rolled out by Microsoft. There are two versions in use:

  • Full Update: The update takes at least 30 minutes after reboot and there are increased requirements on the size of the system partition
  • Update by activation package: The update was already pre-installed with previous updates and will only be activated after restart. The duration of the update after the restart is very short (like a 'normal' Windows update with restart)

If you want to have the update asap (and do not want to wait for the automatic rollout), you can download and use the update tool from the Microsoft site, opens an external URL in a new window.

Adobe CC (2021) is rolling out annual updates for its main products (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, ...) via the Creative Cloud App as of today. Please note that any installed plug-ins are not automatically copied. A new installation of the plugins or a manual copying from the old to the new program directory may therefore be necessary.