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Successful migration of the Adobe and Zoom integration

Adobe and Zoom are now directly connected to the TUshop. This has resulted in a change in login and extended application options.

As of February 1, 2024, both Adobe and Zoom are now directly connected to the TUshop. Both products are thus also authenticated and authorized via the Microsoft SSO portal. We can therefore distinguish licenses between students and employees and use them flexibly in parallel. With Zoom, however, the license separation will only take place at a later date, as this has an impact on other systems and these must be adapted accordingly beforehand.

For you as the end user, this means:

  • Login to the Microsoft SSO portal either as a student with your network account - or as an employee with your upTUdate account (depending on whether you have ordered Adobe/Zoom as an employee or student).
  • Adobe can be ordered and used by students and employees at the same time (2 devices per order).
  • Zoom can be ordered as a student and employee at the same time, but both logins lead to the same Zoom account (until the planned license separation is implemented).
  • Only authorized persons (with a valid license) are allowed to login.
  • All name changes are automatically synchronized for both the e-mail address and the name entries.
  • There are no longer any changes to students' e-mail addresses, as the address is always used